SHIELD Is Completetly Safe And Anonymous

Using SHIELD as a currency will not only ensure your safety but will also keep you completely anonymous.

SHIELD Has Fast Transactions

Having to wait a while on confirmed transaction almost seems like tradition in our society. SHIELD solves this problem with one of the fastest transaction times.

SHIELD Is Future proof

Almost all currencies have a problem with getting future proof. Even Fiats like Euro and the Dollar have an insane inflation rate. SHIELD solves these problems with its upcoming PoS system.

SHIELD will lead the future.

SHIELD already has some great features. But what makes SHIELD better than other cryptocurrencies?

  • Scalable

    If you want a currency to last, you have to make it scalable. SHIELD has a great solution to make the coin scalable which will make XSH ready for mainstream use.

  • Multi-Algo

    SHIELD is multi-algo coin which is great to prevent 51% attacks and makes mining SHIELD easier for everyone.

  • Integration Everywhere

    SHIELD will be integrated on almost every popular social-media platform. This makes giving SHIELD to your family and friends easier than ever.

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Want to get started with SHIELD?

Getting started with SHIELD is really easy, you'll just have to download one of the SHIELD wallets and transfer your SHIELD to the wallet.

Our Wallets

Don't have any SHIELD yet?

Well that's no problem. Just go to one of the exchanges we're listed at and buy your first SHIELD.

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SHIELD Specs + Articles

Technical Specifications.

Symbol: XSH.
Blocktime: 45 Seconds.
Network: PoW with planned PoS.
Maximum coins est: 660 Million.
Algoritmes: Scrypt, x17, groestl, blake2s, & lyra2rev2.
RPC port: 20103
P2P port: 21103
No premine

More Information about SHIELD.

White Paper

Want to support the SHIELD team?

SHIELD isn't premined. The only funds the SHIELD team gets are from donations. So if you're interested in the SHIELD project and want to help us you can donate to one of the following addresses.

Ƀ Bitcoin Wallet Address:


SHIELD Wallet Address